Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarah Grace

Sarah's vocabulary is growing every day. She says, "C ya tomorrow!", so we knew she could say "Love you", but she wouldn't do it. If you tell her "Wuv oo" she'll repeat it, but she won't say the real thing.
She's a pistol. She maybe the middle child, but she's not going to let anyone forget about her. She's by far the loudest of the 3. She can be so sweet and then in the middle of the hug she's giving you comes the hardest bite she can give you. She's really something else.
She loves her little brother to death. I can't leave him on the floor because Sweet Sarah will lay down on top of him to hug him and that's just not a good thing for little Cole.
Sarah is so funny to watch. She gives everything all she's got and is becoming quite the little climber.


Elizabeth has completed her first year of preschool and I'm not sure she understands that she doesn't go back until September. She learned so much. A few months ago she started spelling her name which we thought was more than awesome since her name is so long, but now she's writing it. There is absolutely no way she'd be doing that if it weren't for preschool. She made some cute little friends and they'll all be in the same class next year. They'll just have a different teacher.
She says she's getting married on her "5 birthday". I told her she'd have to ask a judge. We go to church with one and he helps with her Sunday School class, so I told her to ask Mr. Craig. Now I just have to prep him to make sure he gives her the right answer. She's talked about getting married forever. She says she'll marry a little boy named Tray in California. We have no clue where she gets some of the things she comes up with.
I love to watch her play with Sarah (when they're not fighting). She can be so sweet and helpful with Sarah and Cole.
She amazes us with big words and off the wall ideas every day. She's a beautiful, smart girl that truly loves her brother and sister and her friends too!


I have lots of pictures to post. I'll work on that, but just wanted to do an update on little Cole. He has two teeth on bottom now and he's growing like crazy. I have never been as proud of a little belly as I am of his. I think that's mainly because of the surgery he had on his stomach when he was 7 weeks old. He gave us a scare, but is doing wonderful now. At his last dr appointment he was up to 17 lbs! He gets really excited when his sisters give him any kind of attention. He's such a sweet and quite little baby. I know that we're not having any more kid, but if I knew they would all be like him I'd have 10 more. He's wonderful. You hardly know he's there. He rolls all over the floor, but that's not a safe place for him because of his sister, Sarah. She love him to death and I mean that literally. I'll post pictures soon, I promise.