Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sarah Grace

Sarah's vocabulary is growing every day. She says, "C ya tomorrow!", so we knew she could say "Love you", but she wouldn't do it. If you tell her "Wuv oo" she'll repeat it, but she won't say the real thing.
She's a pistol. She maybe the middle child, but she's not going to let anyone forget about her. She's by far the loudest of the 3. She can be so sweet and then in the middle of the hug she's giving you comes the hardest bite she can give you. She's really something else.
She loves her little brother to death. I can't leave him on the floor because Sweet Sarah will lay down on top of him to hug him and that's just not a good thing for little Cole.
Sarah is so funny to watch. She gives everything all she's got and is becoming quite the little climber.

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