Thursday, October 22, 2009


Seems like we've been super busy this month. I've had a lot of time with just me and the kids lately. It's not been easy. We've missed Daddy a lot!
Sarah Grace will be 2 tomorrow. My how the time flies! I love my Sarah girl, but I don't like the things that come with the twos. I don't like the fits that come from not knowing quite how to communicate what she needs. She can still be the sweetest child I've ever seen followed by her doing something that definitely lets you know that she's the strongest of the 3.
Cole will be 1 next Friday! I wasn't quite sure I'd survive having 3. Let alone 2 that were so close together, but somehow we've managed to keep them alive this long. Guess we must be doing something right. I can remember a year ago thinking that I was never going to make it, but not only have we made it; we're thriving! Now back to Cole. He has 7 teeth and he's been taking steps for about a month now. He'll walk back and forth between two people and sometimes walk to get closer to his sisters, but crawling is still his main means of transportation.
Elizabeth is really enjoying school. I was worried about her having a new teacher and not being in the same class as most of her friends from last year, but she'd doing great. She's reading some sight words and for a young 4 I think she's doing great. Her vocabulary is well above her age! She says words like incredible, absolutely and disgusting all the time and she uses them the right way!
I'm getting back to the gym slowly. I had a really good run yesterday. I took today off, but I'll be back tomorrow.
We're enjoying the new house and Jonathan is busy as ever and is about to be busier with the start of basketball.
God Bless!

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