Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preschool Costume Parade

I'm working on getting better at doing stuff with all 3 kids by myself, so today since Elizabeth's class was having a costume parade I dressed the kids; loaded up the wagon and headed to Preschool. Elizabeth was Snow White, Sarah Grace was Tinkerbell or "Inkelbell" as she said it and Cole was Sheriff Woody from Toy Story. All in all I think we had a good time. Cole just chilled in the wagon and I think almost went to sleep. Sarah ate suckers through out the route and we went all through town. I think I counted 5 sucker sticks in her treat bag. Elizabeth of course was too cool to walk with her mom. I can't believe that has started this early! Anyway here are the before parade pictures I took. I'm sure I'll have more of them in their costumes after Halloween!
God Bless

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