Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving travels

We spent one night in Cullman. Had lunch and packed up around lunch time and headed to Tennessee for a few days. We got there in time to see Uncle Joe-Joe and Aunt Manda for a little while before they left then Uncle Mike, Uncle Tracy, Aunt Donna, Aunt Julie, Grandma Sue and Grandpa Ed and the cousins came over. The girls had a big time and I think Cole did too. Shedd wasn't feeling too good though. After an eventful night we went to bed, but Sarah Grace woke us up. I noticed that she was screaming and digging in her ear and only had relief when she was sitting up. It was 12:45 AM, so we got dressed and headed to the ER with her. The two sleepers were left in the capable hands of Grammy and Peepaw. She did indeed have an ear infection and was given drops and a perscription. The next morning Shedd woke up with pink eye! Amazing I know. He got some drops and thought he was well on his way to getting better.
He missed out on seeing Mom's side of the family because he didn't want to share his pink eye with Baby Will or anyone else. He opted for a trip to Grandma Sue's and I'm sure she took good care of him. We had a good time with Mom's side of the family, but we missed lots of people (Denise, Doug, Jenny, Joey, Amanda, Jason, Gabby, Zachary we missed you lots!)
Saturday night Shedd felt really bad, so it was on with ER trip #2 for the Shedds. He was told he had a virus and to keep doing what he was doing (this wasn't working). He went to the doctor here Monday and was told that he had bronchitis. He got a shot, a prescription and some cough medicine. He's feeling a bit better now.
Hopefully after all this the Shedds are getting better. We'll see! It was an exciting time.

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