Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I registered Sarah Grace for preschool yesterday! I still can't believe it. I got a call last night from the preschool director. Apparently the 2 and 1/2 year old class is a hot commodity and they needed to move her to the 3 year old class. Haven't even started and she's already been promoted! What a smart girl.

I register Elizabeth for kindergarten (yes, I did just say kindergarten) next month. I can't figure out where the time has gone. I feel like it's flown by! I can't believe that in June Elizabeth will be 5 and in August she'll start kindergarten. Sarah Grace will be 3 in October and will start preschool in September. She's wanted to start preschool ever since Elizabeth started! I can't take her in to drop Elizabeth off or pick her up because she wants to stay with "her friends" who are actually her sister's friends.

After Sarah's first year of preschool Cole will start! I can't even think about that now. I don't know what I will do with just one child at home 2 days a week for a few hours. And even when she comes home I'll just have 2 kids until Elizabeth and Jonathan get home.

I'm so proud of my kids. I just wish they wouldn't grow up quite so fast!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doctor Visits

I realize we're incredibly behind on doctor visits. It's so bad that we have to go back in a month to catch Cole up on shots. They didn't want to torture him with 6 shots all at once, so he got 3 yesterday and will get 3 more next month. I promise I'll do better about getting them in for well baby check ups. They are just hard to schedule. I know that I can't handle one getting shots and take care of the other 2 at the same time, so help is often required. Everybody did well. Elizabeth was scared and very tired from preschool and a play date. She was scared because the last time she went she was sick and they wanted to do blood work. She refused to let them stick her arm, so after 30 minutes they finally got what they needed from her foot. They were very patient with her and understood her fears which was very nice.
Here's how they measured up:
Sarah Grace
Weight 35lbs
Height 36 3/4 inches

Weight 27.2 lbs
Height 31 1/4 inches

Weight 45.8
We didn't do Elizabeth's height since it hasn't been long since we checked it.

Cole got to stand on the scale just like the girls. No more baby scales for him. He's walking and climbing. The climbing has caused lots of knots on his head because every climb eventually has a fall. He's also trying to run which is quite comical. I'm not sure he runs like a runner just yet. We'll work on it though.
Sarah Grace's vocabulary continues to amaze me. When we're in the van sometimes she speaks so plainly we think it's Elizabeth and not Sarah. She's growing up so fast. I register her for preschool next week! For 2 days a week for a little while it will just be me and little man!
Elizabeth's mood changed drastically once we ate dinner yesterday. I guess she was just hungry and tired. She seemed to do well at church. She has Preschool Sunday at church this week and is super excited to sing on the big stage "just like Mommy". I'm excited to see her sing too. Grammy and Peepaw (aka Prince Peeps) are coming down for the occasion.
We have something else coming up this week too. Jonathan's birthday is Saturday. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No P's

We were out of town recently and drove by a church that had a no parking sign on the street in front of it. For those of you who see these signs every day you may not think too much about it, but we were stopped at a red light and Elizabeth say it. She said, "Look Mommy, That church can't have P's". Maybe I'm slow, but it took me a long time to figure this one out. I finally looked at the sign and saw the sign with the P in the middle of the No sign and figured out what she was talking about. Then we got to thinking about all the things you can't do in a church without P's there are no pews, no passing the plate and no pulpit. I wonder how that would all work out.

Here's some new pics since I haven't posted any in a while.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

History Lesson

I've had lots of interesting conversations with Elizabeth lately. Here's the latest...
Elizabeth: Are there really people with red skin?
Me: Red skin? Are you thinking about the words from Jesus Loves Me?
Elizabeth: No, I just thought about it. Are there people with red skin?
Me: Well, I think that would refer to the Indians, but their skin really isn't red.
Elizabeth: Where did the Indians come from?
Me: They were in the USA when we, the people with white skin came here from Europe.
Elizabeth: Where did the black people come from?
Me: Some mean white people went to Africa and stole them and brought them here to work on their farms. They were very mean to them and beat them and sometimes killed them when they didn't do what they were told.
Elizabeth: But they don't really have black skin right, it's brown.
Me: You're right.
Elizabeth: Where are the Indians now?
Me: Again the white people were very mean and made them move to Reservations. On a reservation everybody's an Indian.
Elizabeth: Did you know that not all people with different colored skin are mean?
Me: Yes I did. There are mean people with all different colors of skin, but God loves you no matter what color skin you have and you shouldn't be mean to someone or think bad about them because of the color of their skin. Did you get to pick your skin color?
Elizabeth: No, I guess that's why you shouldn't make fun of people or not like them because of their skin color. They didn't pick it. God made them that way.

I'm not sure who did the most teaching, but I think she got the point.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's new at the zoo?

Goodness, it's been a long time. What's been going on. Let's see...for starters we got new furniture for our living room. It's very comfy and we donated our old furniture to the youth at church. They said it was just what they'd been looking for. Along with at new couch, table and love seat we got a recliner. We hadn't had it 3 days when Elizabeth fell out of it and cut her eye on the new table! That was a trip to the hospital, but luckily no stitches were needed, Praise God!
The kids and I made a trek to Tennessee. We had a good time, but missed Daddy. He couldn't go because he was playing in the second round of the regional tournament!
Basketball went pretty well. I think they won 11 games one of them being a regional tournament game! Coach Shedd was named Coach of the Year by the local paper. We're so proud of him and his kids. They all worked so hard!
We took the kids to the circus! Barnum and Baily were in Birmingham doing "Barnum's Funundrum" and we all enjoyed it!
Elizabeth brought home her "progress report" for preschool. There were only 2 things she needed to work on. The first was tying her shoes and second was her attention span. I think all 4 year olds need to work on their attention span. She counts to 27 and she knows most of her letter sounds. She even knows some sight words! We're so proud of her. She's so smart!
Sarah Grace's vocabulary is growing every day. She's such a smart girl too! We converted her bed to a toddler bed, but I think we need to change it back. I don't think we're quite ready for that. She's working on potty training and we're gaining progress there.
Cole is amazing us daily too. He loves to watch basketball (ba ball) and play with his sisters. They usually pretend he's a monster and run away from him, but he eats it up. The other day Cole was standing in a chair and his father started counting so he would get down. He said one and Cole said 2. Not to shabby for a one year old! He also says "no" and "oh no". He's trying to say Sarah and sissy for Elizabeth.
They amaze us daily and we're so blessed to have them all even though I sometimes want to pull my hair out!
Right now we're dealing with a stomach virus which is NO FUN!
Love you all!
Hope you are well.
That's what's going on at the zoo!