Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doctor Visits

I realize we're incredibly behind on doctor visits. It's so bad that we have to go back in a month to catch Cole up on shots. They didn't want to torture him with 6 shots all at once, so he got 3 yesterday and will get 3 more next month. I promise I'll do better about getting them in for well baby check ups. They are just hard to schedule. I know that I can't handle one getting shots and take care of the other 2 at the same time, so help is often required. Everybody did well. Elizabeth was scared and very tired from preschool and a play date. She was scared because the last time she went she was sick and they wanted to do blood work. She refused to let them stick her arm, so after 30 minutes they finally got what they needed from her foot. They were very patient with her and understood her fears which was very nice.
Here's how they measured up:
Sarah Grace
Weight 35lbs
Height 36 3/4 inches

Weight 27.2 lbs
Height 31 1/4 inches

Weight 45.8
We didn't do Elizabeth's height since it hasn't been long since we checked it.

Cole got to stand on the scale just like the girls. No more baby scales for him. He's walking and climbing. The climbing has caused lots of knots on his head because every climb eventually has a fall. He's also trying to run which is quite comical. I'm not sure he runs like a runner just yet. We'll work on it though.
Sarah Grace's vocabulary continues to amaze me. When we're in the van sometimes she speaks so plainly we think it's Elizabeth and not Sarah. She's growing up so fast. I register her for preschool next week! For 2 days a week for a little while it will just be me and little man!
Elizabeth's mood changed drastically once we ate dinner yesterday. I guess she was just hungry and tired. She seemed to do well at church. She has Preschool Sunday at church this week and is super excited to sing on the big stage "just like Mommy". I'm excited to see her sing too. Grammy and Peepaw (aka Prince Peeps) are coming down for the occasion.
We have something else coming up this week too. Jonathan's birthday is Saturday. Happy Birthday!

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