Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy Little Bees

We've been a busy little family the last few weeks. What a busy few weeks it's been around here. I'm working on my Masters in Special Ed and it seems like I doing something with that every day, which I guess is how it should be when you're in school. We went to a wedding a few weeks ago and then went to visit some friends. While at their house my purse was stolen. I finally got replacement social security cards figured out and got a new license yesterday! It was a busy day in itself. We've visited kindergarten, been to the zoo, gotten shots and worked desperately on several projects in the back yard. We got a swing set for the kids. I don't know if you've ever put one of these together or not, but it's much more worth it to pay someone to come do it. We didn't have all the parts we needed, but as of now the slide and the swings are functional and that's all the kids really care about! We got a table and chairs for outside with a "bigella" or umbrella as most people would say. We also got several flowers to plant and a fountain. Long story short we're skipping church tonight to try to get everything finished before everyone comes in for Elizabeth's last preschool program tomorrow. By the way if anyone has any medication that might help keep me from crying my eyes out throughout the program please send it my way. I'm still having trouble with it. We've been so busy in the mornings that I haven't been able to go to the gym, so when I go to Tennessee with the kids this weekend I'll need a good run! Hope all is well with you!

God Bless!

The Shedds

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