Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Changing of the Beds

As a mom one of the first major purchases you make for your child is a baby bed. This is apparently one choice that I absolutely stink at. Poor little Cole's bed was recalled. This was the bed that we bought before we had Elizabeth, so it's been around. Even Sarah Grace slept in it. We wanted to keep it, but had to turn it in to get a new one since the mattress supports could break and cause some serious damage. If he didn't jump in that bed like a little monkey I wouldn't have taken it in! I managed to get his bed into manageable pieces and get it down stairs and in the van. We got out money and picked up a new bed. By 3:15 groceries were put away, lunch had been consumed, the bed was put together courtesy of my own skills of course and Cole was asleep on the couch! I really like his new bed, but I really don't think he cares too much one way or the other.
Sarah Grace's bed completely fell apart on me. The bracket that holds the mattress supports to the bed (which is metal) snapped in two and broke the mattress support. I am currently going rounds with the manufacturer trying to get the parts. They first told me I would have to pay for the parts. I then went online and found that the parts in question had been recalled. Yes I picked out 2 beds that have recalls in one form or another. I called the company back and told them that I had found the parts I needed had been recalled. After much conflict I was told to email the parts department. They want me to purchase the mattress support bar that broke as a result of the faulty bracket. I say no way. It broke when the support broke! Today I found that another part of her bed has been recalled as well.
What a day!

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