Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The fair

As is the Yother custom we ate chili on Monday night and headed to the fair. There was a petting zoo that was pretty cute, so we did that and let the kids ride some rides. A great time was had by all I do believe. Here are the pictures....

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tooth Fairy and the ATM

We bought Tooth Fairy pillows for the girls not to long ago thinking that we had lots of time before we would need them. Needles to say we were more than wrong.

We went to the fair tonight and the FFA from Thorsby had a petting zoo. At the end of the petting zoo you could pick an apple (paper apples from a tree, but if you got one of each color they'd give you a real apple). All 3 of my kids came out with apples. We tried to discourage apple eating at the fair since we hadn't washed them, but sweet Sarah had other plans and when Cole saw her he joined in the apple eating fun. Elizabeth couldn't be left out, so she had to have her apple too. She said that it was too hard and she couldn't bite it. I told her to try again and bite harder. She did and I turned around and she was handing me what I thought was a piece of apple. I told her I didn't want any apple and she said, "No, it's my tooth, Mommy!".

Wow! At this point my head is spinning a bit and I show Jonathan. He was quite puzzled and I told him what it was. Now that it is sinking in I don't think either one of us like the idea of her growing up like this very much. See yesterday she was just a baby, but with a tooth missing she looks so big. It breaks my heart!

The tooth fairy had to do some making up because she spent all her cash at the fair. I believe she did a good job of covering though.

She was so excited and is talking a little funny, but that's ok. She was a trooper. No crying, no drama, she just said hey, here's my tooth! Such a big girl!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How could I forget!

I am absolutely terrible because Elizabeth got her first progress report from Kindergarten on Monday and here it is Thursday and I haven't even mentioned it to grandparents! Well here it is.

In case you can't read it she was tested on printing her first name, reciting the alphabet, recognizing shapes, counting to 10, positional words, recognizing colors, conduct and knowing her right and left. She had excellent marks on all except for printing her name. She just had good on that one because she doesn't keep her letters on the line. We're working on it though.
She seems to be doing really well and her teacher says she is wonderful!

Blessed by my kids

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well, but I got up after lunch and started cleaning the kitchen. When Sarah got done she asked for a wipe so she could help. Cole did the same thing. They moped the floor and helped clean the table and the cabinets. It was so nice to have such good little helper. When I really sat down and thought about how hard they worked to help me I almost cried. I was so blessed by them that I won't mention the fact that after we finished they messed up the computer while I was in the bathroom. Love these little rascals!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bess it to our bodies

Cole and I took Sarah to preschool today and then went to the gym. He had been having some anxiety about me leaving him lately, but today the first day he was there without one of his sisters he didn't have a problem at all. I asked how he did when I went to get him and they said he had been hitting. Well, I know from when Elizabeth started school that hitting seems to be his way of letting us know he's having a hard time, so we came home and he fell asleep on me. I NEVER get to hold sleeping babies anymore, so it was really hard to get up and go get Sarah.

Mrs. Linda said that Sarah had another good day. I don't get much information from Sarah though. I asked her what she learned about today and her answer was, "Tinkerbell". I asked her what her job was and got the same answer. I did manage to get her to tell me that she played outside, but other than that everything was Tinkerbell. She has been singing part of a new prayer she's learning at preschool though. The only part she remembers is, "Bless it to our bodies". Works for me though. It just come out as "bess it to our bodies".

Elizabeth seems to be doing really well. She gets her first progress report next week. After her first 2 weeks her teacher sent home some work with a list of things she needed to work on at home and the last time we got a packet of work there were only 3 things to work on, so I guess we're improving.


Sarah Grace has been wearing real panties since she started preschool on Tuesday. I think she's done pretty good. She had a small accident Tuesday and was good for the rest of the day. She did the same thing Wednesday and was wonderful until she had an accident at church. Today she did good until she pooped in her panties after lunch. We changed panties and have done well ever since. I really think that panties might have been the key. I think she likes it so much better.


The Shedds are doing well. Hope you are too!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sarah's first day

We've talked about it for quite some time and it finally came. Today was Sarah's first day of preschool. Although she hasn't said too much (I think she's really tired) she really seemed to like it.
On the way to preschool she told me that she didn't want to go. I knew that she was probably a little nervous, so I asked her if she was and she said yes. She asked me to say a prayer and we did and she said that made her feel better.
It was her first day in real panties. We've been working on this for quite some time now and we're hoping that this step will finally end the potty training process. She was a little wet when we got home, so we changed and seem to be ok.
Her teacher said that the only problem was that she wanted to call Sarah by Elizabeth's name. I think that of all the problems we could have had that will do just fine. Especially since she gets that at home on occasion.
I will be honest. I forgot the camera in the midst of the mad rush we have trying to get Elizabeth to kindergarten on time and I hate that. I don't want Sarah to feel like she isn't special because she really is. I did take pictures of her on my cell phone before I left her and remembered to take the camera when I went to get her and took pictures then. We'll just say that I am backwards. The important this is that there are pictures of her first day of preschool.
Now, you might ask how I did at home with just one kid. Let me tell you I think I can get used to this! We had a great time. We read some books and he started talking more which really impressed me. I think this one on one time will help him start talking more. We were reading one of those baby word book which has long since been torn to pieces, but he likes to read the pages that are still in tact. I pointed to the pictures and he said, "cup, spoon, cookie, apple, choo choo, drum, car, ball, duck, toothbrush, hairbrush, and towel". Some of the words I've heard him say before, but I was impressed that he told me what they were without help this time. Maybe it's just the noise in the house that hinders him when everyone's at home.
All in all it seems like everyone had a good morning!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

August in a nut shell

Well, Elizabeth is doing very well in Kindergarten. Except for the one time she had to move her card to yellow she has only had green dot days! We are very proud of her. She seems to be ahead of schedule academically, but needs to work on fine motor stuff like coloring in the lines and using scissors.

Sarah Grace went to preschool orientation and I believe she loved it. She wanted to go again on Friday and today, but she only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She has the same teacher that Elizabeth had her first year AND the same cubby. She had a friend from church in her class and I think there are 3 kids from our neighborhood in her class.

Cole is still adjusting to Elizabeth being in school. I am hoping that when Sarah Grace starts preschool he will really enjoy some time with just him and Mommy. It's been a LONG time since I've just had one baby with me. When Elizabeth started preschool 2 years ago I just had Sarah at home with me, but I was pregnant with Cole and had him in October of that year. Cole got his chin glued this week. We went to McDonald's after preschool Thursday and the kids were playing after we ate. Cole climbed up into one of the chairs and fell somehow and busted his poor chin on the bricks bellow. I being the weenie I am struggling to wipe his chin because I don't want to mess up the glue. He has it down his neck, but I don't want to pick at it because I don't want him picking at his chin. What's a mom to do?

Jonathan is away today at his first cross country meet. I think he was excited about it, but it was hard to tell at 5:45 am. His cross country kids have been working very hard and I really hope they do well! He did send me a text that said that they made it to the meet, but that he hit a deer on the way, but missed the turkeys. Apparently they saw some turkeys flying low and one of his kids said that turkeys don't fly. In the midst of the discussion the deer jumped out and hit the van. HE KILLED BAMBI!

I have been taking Elizabeth to school and going straight to the gym. Cole and Sarah Grace love having a place to go and I enjoy it too. It's nice to have something to do to break up the day and I've met some pretty great people there. I am 3 weeks in to my 3rd masters class and Shedd has started back too. I could student teach as soon as next fall. We just have to figure out how that will work financially.

Well, I talked about kindergarten, preschool, and Cole's chin. I think that's about all of the big news we have here at the Shedd house.

Hope all is well at your house.