Monday, September 27, 2010

The Tooth Fairy and the ATM

We bought Tooth Fairy pillows for the girls not to long ago thinking that we had lots of time before we would need them. Needles to say we were more than wrong.

We went to the fair tonight and the FFA from Thorsby had a petting zoo. At the end of the petting zoo you could pick an apple (paper apples from a tree, but if you got one of each color they'd give you a real apple). All 3 of my kids came out with apples. We tried to discourage apple eating at the fair since we hadn't washed them, but sweet Sarah had other plans and when Cole saw her he joined in the apple eating fun. Elizabeth couldn't be left out, so she had to have her apple too. She said that it was too hard and she couldn't bite it. I told her to try again and bite harder. She did and I turned around and she was handing me what I thought was a piece of apple. I told her I didn't want any apple and she said, "No, it's my tooth, Mommy!".

Wow! At this point my head is spinning a bit and I show Jonathan. He was quite puzzled and I told him what it was. Now that it is sinking in I don't think either one of us like the idea of her growing up like this very much. See yesterday she was just a baby, but with a tooth missing she looks so big. It breaks my heart!

The tooth fairy had to do some making up because she spent all her cash at the fair. I believe she did a good job of covering though.

She was so excited and is talking a little funny, but that's ok. She was a trooper. No crying, no drama, she just said hey, here's my tooth! Such a big girl!

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