Friday, November 12, 2010

New Normal and life in General

Since Cole's seizures there are things that I do regularly that were not a part of my regular schedule. I check his temperature before we leave to go anywhere and I always carry a thermometer and Motrin in the diaper bag. When we're at home I check his forehead every time he runs by me. It's just part of my routine now which seem strange because it's not something I used to think about on a daily basis.

In other news he's been fine. No fevers or seizures in well over a week!

As a mom of 2 girls before I had Cole there are certain things I haven't had to deal with. The girls pitch their share of fits, but Cole tends to become a bit violent (biting and hitting) when he doesn't get his way and it's not just at home. He's started doing it other places too. Up to now we've been spanking him, but I think I'm going to start trying time out if I can keep him there. We'll see how it works. He can be the sweetest child, but not when he's mad. I think it started when preschool started for Sarah. I kinda think he's having trouble being by himself. Hopefully he'll get out of that soon. He got a haircut yesterday and he looks so cute. He looks so sweet. He's all boy though, so he's into EVERYTHING. I've never dealt with a child that climbed and jumped quite as much as he does. He loves to help. His favorite thing to do is help empty the dishwasher. He is quite the helper when it's just me and him. He loves to watch Elmo. Not Sesame Street just Elmo, so we have to record it and fast forward to Elmo's world at the end. He had ADD just like his mother.

Sarah is doing great. She absolutely loves preschool! She really seems to be doing well. Her first preschool Sunday is coming up and I can't wait to see her up on stage. She's such a ham! She's full of all kinds of personality and is never afraid to show it. Sarah loves to watch the Wiggles. They tend to be too much for me after a while though.

Elizabeth is loving kindergarten. She calls me Mrs. Pike and she raises her hand to ask if she can go to the bathroom. The discipline sheet in the folder she brings home is full of green smiley faces and we like green. She says she's the smartest in her class (she's so very humble) and she told me the other day that all the kids in her class need her help. She says she even has to help the teacher some times. I really think we have a future teacher on our hands. She has OCD. Toys have to be in just the right spot and if things aren't just so she can't handle it.

That about sums it up for now. Jonathan has started basketball and I am attempting to continue my Master's. He's working on his too, so life is pretty busy.

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