Monday, November 1, 2010

Seizures suck

For those who are wondering here is the full story of what's hapened over the last 24 hours or so here at the Shedd house.
Yesterday was a normal day. We went to church. Came home. Took naps (my favorite part of Sunday afternoon). Just had a restful family day.
Last night around 8:00 Cole was jumping like a mad man which is completely normal for him. He fell and hit his head on a table leg. He laid in the floor and cried and I picked him up and held him. He fell asleep almost immediately which is quite strange for him. He's slept only in his bed from day one. I held him since I am having a hard time with my baby growing up. I just though he was tired and wanted him Mommy to hold him. We got the kids ready for bed and resumed our normal routine. I went to the bathroom and Jonathan took the kids upstairs to put them to bed. Mr. Cole climbed up on his rocking horse by his bed in an attempt to climb in while Jonathan was helping Sarah. He fell and hit his face on his bed. He has a cut on his eyebrow and one on his cheek. He was really sleepy again then, so we prayed with him real fast and put him to bed. He went right to sleep.
Around 10:15 I heard him cry out real loud and start making a really strange sound. I went upstairs to check on him and he was having a Grand mal seizure. I rubbed his back and called his name while Jonathan called 911. When the seizure was over I picked him up and brought him downstairs. We noticed then that he felt feverish. The EMTs arrived and suggested he be taken to Children's in Birmingham, so he and Jonathan hopped in the ambulance and away they went.
I stayed and waited on someone to sit with the girls so they could rest. I had to get gas before starting to Children's. I drove faster than normal especially in construction zones, but I didn't go over 80. I called a friend that is a Respritory Therapist at Children's and she was waiting for me when I got there. She took me straight to the ER. Jonathan and Cole had been there for a few minutes but hadn't seen a doctor. She came in and we told her the whole story. She said that normally she would say this was our "freebie" febrile seizure and let us go home, but since he hit his head 2 times she wanted to do a CT Scan. She asked a supervising doctor and they began to get the CT ready. I went out to make phone calls (it's about 12:30 am). When I got back to the room they were already gone to the CT. I asked the nurser where I could go to be with them and they told me that they would be back in a few minutes that I could wait in the room. As hard as it was that's exactly what I did. I sat and sang and prayed and tried to keep the thoughts of brain tumors and other terrible things the devil was putting in my mind. Sure enough they were back in about 15 minutes.
We waited till about 2:30 am to get the results of the CT. They came back normal and they let us come home. We got home around 4 am.
This morning was as normal as possible. He ate breakfast. Watched Elmo and hit his Sarah in the head (normal morning). He still had a bit of a fever, so I gave him more Motrin. Everything was fine until after lunch. He ate, had more Motrin and while I was holding him he started another seizure. It lasted 4 minutes. His temperature after the seizure was 100.8 just like it was when we got to Children's. I called the doctor and she told us what the told us at Children's. Really there isn't anything to do unless he has 3 or they last more than 10 minutes.
This afternoon he and I took a nice long nap. I was on the edge of the bed and he was laying across the bed with his head right at my stomach. I couldn't move, but was so tired it really didn't matter.
This evening has been ok. He's running wild and playing. Hoping tonight will stay "normal".

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Bringhope said...

Boy, that must have been a nightmare. Glad it seems better.