Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Windows and doors

I applied for a job. It's not something I do often or take lightly since I stay at home with Cole and Sarah, but something about it struck me, so I put my name in the hat. I interviewed and it went well, but I didn't get the job. The job I applied for was at church. Some would think that I would be upset and quit going. I don't understand that. I loved my church before and still do. I was walking to Zumba this morning and I just started thinking that I struggle so hard balancing going to the gym, playing with my kids, cleaning my house, and working on my Masters. How in the world would adding a job help all that. Well, it wouldn't. I must admit after thinking about that this morning I was a bit relieved that I didn't get the job. Would I love to work at the church I love, of course I would, but apparently now is not the time for me to go back to work and that is ok with me. Door closed.

Elizabeth went back to school yesterday and Sarah Grace goes back to preschool today. I am so happy that we are getting back to our routine. I guess I missed it more than I thought I did. I think the kids did too. I miss them when they're gone though. My Cole is getting so big. I was thinking that when we travel next year it will be the first time we will travel with kids and without diapers and sippy cups. I think they are growing up too fast. My mom always told me she was going to put a brick on my head so I would stop growing. I might have to try that soon. I'll let you know how it turns out.

We are nearing the end of basketball which fills me with more joy than you could ever know. I love the kids Jonathan has playing for him at Verbena, but I miss having him home and so do the kids. I guess that's all for now.

Hope you are well.

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Mari said...

I can relate to you. I wonder how you juggle all that you do! Being a coach's wife seems a bit like being a preacher's wife. Hope your routine helps!