Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preschool Sunday

Sarah had her first Preschool Sunday at the Hydrate service at church. She was so excited to sing on the "big stage" she told me. She told her teachers she wanted to sing up there like her Mommy. I was so proud of her. She did such a wonderful job. Grammy and Peepaw were here to watch her sing.

The week before this Jonathan and I went on our first trip without kids basically since the summer after we got married. We had a good time, but we missed the kids badly. We left on Friday and didn't get home until Tuesday. I was afraid we'd get bored, but we had a good time. We did some shopping (which you can't really do with 3 kids) and played miniature golf. Sine we got married we've had a miniature golf war. Before we had kids I think I was ahead by one game. Can you believe that we tied in the only game we were able to play this time?

Grammy and Peepaw came down to get to get the kids on Thursday before we left on Friday. After school on Friday they took them back to Tennessee with them. Peepaw came back down with the kids and Grandma Sue and Grandpa Ed on Sunday so Elizabeth and Sarah could go to school. The kids seemed to have had a good time. They were glad to see us, but didn't want anyone to have to go back to Tennessee.

In other news we are entering some very frustrating stages in development. Elizabeth and Sarah have started arguing with me a lot. For some reason they seem to think they are smarter than I am. I love the rascals, but it gets frustrating at times. Cole isn't arguing with me yet, but he has moments where he is ugly to his sisters for no reason and his fits are the worst I've had to deal with. Now let me say that sometimes my kids can be the absolute sweetest kids in the world, but everybody has their moments, right? I know I do.

We're almost done with track season. This is the first time Verbena has had a team in a long time. They have been doing pretty good. We've been really proud of them.

I am 4 classes and a semester of student teaching away from finishing my Masters and Jonathan is on his second class. We should both finish in May.