Monday, September 19, 2011


Last week was a bit traumatic for both my Sarah and myself. She started riding the bus to Head Start last week. The first day she was excited. The second day she cried. She cried four days last week when it was time to watch for the bus, and I don't mean sniffles. This was an all out DON'T MAKE ME GO TO SCHOOL cry. I told the bus driver Friday that I was going to try taking her to school and let her ride the bus home afterwards. We did that today and although she didn't want to go because she doesn't like nap time she agreed when I told her that she had to at least go turn in her homework she had worked so hard on. She was ok with that, so as we were waling in I asked her if she would want to play with her friends for a while and she said yes! She went right to her teachers and I stayed to help for a while. She is so smart! She answered all the teachers' questions. So proud of my girl! In other news I know some of you have wondered about Cole. He has made a miraculous recovery. He goes back in a few weeks, but if you look at him now you would never know that just over a week ago he had hernia surgery. He's amazing too!

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