Monday, December 12, 2011

The tooth story!

I've been holding on to this story for about a week, but I have to share it! All the teeth Elizabeth has lost have been loose since before we moved to Reform! About a week ago we noticed that they were just barely hanging on. I cannot pull teeth. I am too afraid I will hurt her, so her Daddy decided he would be the man for the job. I had the job of hand holder while she screamed. After talking with her last night we decided that the fear of the pain was much worse than the actual pain. Anyway, he pulled on tooth one night and another on the next night and last night he pulled on on the bottom. She is now missing her front teeth. Her bottom two below those are in, but their neighbors on each side are gone too. I'm not kidding when I tell you that you can already see the teeth that are coming in! She still insists that we could have waited a while, but we were seriously worried that she would swallow them! The second front tooth is the one with the story. Daddy was wiggling it and she was screaming. I was holding her hands. She wiggles and Daddy throws her up and says, "Don't swallow!". When she wiggled his finger bumped the tooth slightly and it came out. It's a good thing she didn't swallow it. I don't think the Tooth Fairy comes if the tooth is swallowed.

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