Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jeepers, Creepers Elizabeth's peepers!

Over Christmas break my mom was reading with Elizabeth and noticed that her vision was much better in one eye than it was in the other and suggested we have it looked at. We did and found out that she had some scaring on her cornea. It has effected her vision in her left eye tremendously and we have been seeing a cornea specialist on a regular basis since then. Last week we had a bit of a set back. She had an ulcer come up on her eye. It must have been extremely painful because she didn't open that eye for DAYS! She had to go to Birmingham to see the specialist 4 days last week. She got to go spend the weekend with Grammy and Peepaw and her vision was much better on Monday when she went back. It's been a long journey and we're thankful for those who have helped us out. I never dreamed that so many health issues would come up when I started student teaching and could no longer be home every day. After all that last week and her missing school Tuesday of last week through Monday of this week, we get to school yesterday and she throws up all over the van! She stayed with me until her Daddy could come and get her. He's been so helpful since I can't take off very much. So thankful for my helpful family and the concern that Sarah and Cole showed for her while her eye was hurting so bad. While she was at Grammy and Peepaw's they both cried for her. They love her very much although they do not always show it. They were so happy to see her come home and we were very relieved to know that her vision went from 20/400 at one point last week to 20/60. She was supposed to see the cornea specialist again yesterday. That didn't happen, but we have a standing deal for when she goes back on Monday. If when she goes back her vision is 20/20, WE'RE GOING OUT FOR ICE CREAM! It was her goal. I was shooting for 20/40. We'll just have to see what happens on Monday!

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