Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Adventures

It's been so incredible long since I have updated because I was so busy with student teaching, doing homework, and taking care of my hubby, kids, and home. I'll be honest...I did forget about the house most days just to spend time with the kids. I am finished with my student teaching now and officially have my Masters in Special Education. I am working on my certification and am looking for a job for the fall. Jonathan's basketball team won the state championship and he should be getting his huge ring sometime in the next month or so. We should find out next week if he will be able to work at PCHS next year. Elizabeth is finishing up first grade. In spite of her problems with her eye she has managed to make straight A's! She's such a smart cookie! Her eye is much better. She has been infection free for two months or more! It's so hard to believe that she will be in second grade in the fall! She is becoming such a smart, beautiful girl. Sarah Grace has learned so much this year. She can spell almost all of her color words and can write her first name. Honestly, I think she would be ready for kindergarten, but her birthday is too late, so she has another year before she can do that. She tells me she learned how to be smart from her sister. She's just as amazing as her sister and just as beautiful! Cole, well as his teachers say he's just Cole. He never stops. He can be outside for just a few minutes playing and his hair is stuck to his head with sweat. He has learned so much in school and he's only been there since just before Christmas. He knows the days of the week and can count to 20 sometimes higher without messing up. He's absolutely wild, but when he looks at you with those big brown eyes it makes it hard to get on to him. Despite the fact that he gets intro trouble, he's just so stinking cute! I guess that's about it. We're good. Kinda in limbo at the moment because we don't know about the job situation, but we're good.

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