Friday, July 16, 2010

Life happens so fast

Seems like all I did was turn around and already it's the middle of July.

The 21st of June was Elizabeth's 5th birthday. I'm still not ok with it and don't know that I will be. We took her and her brother and sister to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday so we could celebrate with Nanna, Grammy, Peepaw, Grandpa Ed, Grandma Sue, Nandie and Michael. The kids had a BLAST!

The 26th was her birthday party and she had lots of friends to come and celebrate. She had a princess cake (of course) and although it was outside and very hot a quick rain shower cooled us off. The kids ran up and down the stairs and played on the swing set. She got lots of wonderful presents.

Elizabeth and Sarah Grace have each spent some time at their Nanna's house. They always come back rotten. Cole will have his turn later on.

Grandpa Shedd passed away, so we had to make a surprise trip to Cullman. We did however get to see Popaw (Shedd's dad that lives in Utah).

The kids and I met Grammy and Peepaw in Montgomery for a swim last week and the girls stayed the night in the hotel with them. They had a night swim and slept very well. The next day they came and picked me and Coley up for a trip to TN. Shedd had a coach's conference in Huntsville, so he come up to get us. That brings us back to today. We are finally all together again in TN, but we are also very tired. We miss our beds and just being "the 5 Shedds".

Summer seems to have gone by entirely too fast. Elizabeth starts Kindergarten August 9th and in September Sarah Grace will start preschool. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings it will just be me and my Coley. We won't even know how to act.

As crazy as this summer seems to have been I know that as these rascals grow up it will only get crazier, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love these rascals!

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