Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, Sarah Grace and I have had a cough for quite some time now. I finally got around to taking us both to the doctor which ends in me taking all 3 kids because Jonathan was working. Anyway she said that I had bronchitis and didn't say the same for Sarah, but gave her the kid's version of the Z Pack which is what she gave me. Sarah also has an ear infection which explains why she tried to poor her juice in her ear the other day.

I'm telling you strange things have been happening around here. I looked iside Cole's mouth the other day and could've sworn I saw the corner speck of a tooth. I was really hoping it was Whoville and not a tooth because he's only 4 months old! Sarah started teething early, but Cole is my last baby and I'd kinda like him to stay little for a while. I call him my little man, but the emphasis is on the LITTLE part.

Elizabeth has a busy month this month. We had family fun night at preschool. It had a nursery rhyme theme, so she and her friends played games to help them remember the nursery rhymes they'd learned in school. She had Goodies with Grandparents day next week, so my dad is coming down. Next Friday we leave for a trip to Tennessee and then a few days in Cullman and when we get back she starts swimming lessons. Busy people we are. Her swimming lessons will end just in time for our trip to the beach with my family.
And to top it all off. We had snow last Sunday and it will be in the 70's tomorrow. How's that Alabama weather for ya!

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