Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Swimming lessons and general business

Well, these next two weeks prove to be very busy. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks Elizabeth has swimming lessons. She had her first lesson and did wonderfully. She was not afraid at all. The problem was that I had to deal with the babies while she was in the water. Ms. Sarah had a very hard time with not being able to be in the water with her sister. As far as she's concerned she's just as big as Elizabeth. She pitched a monster fit and I finally took her and Cole to the car. Before Sarah was even buckled in her car seat she was asleep! Now I just have to figure out what to do with the babies next time. I think that if I have the stroller for Cole Sarah and I can walk around outside and maybe I can peek in the window and see Elizabeth from time to time.

I love all of my kids very much but I struggle with not being able to do as much with Elizabeth as I would like. I don't have anyone to watch the little ones at this time so it's very hard for me to volunteer to do things with her preschool class and even watch her swimming lessons. All the other moms or grandmothers were there to watch their kids and I had to take the babies outside in order to keep the peace. I just wish I could be there for her more.

Anyway, she has swimming lessons on the days she doesn't have school giving her something to do every day which is great! It just keeps me very busy. If I go to water aerobics on Monday and Friday then we're at the gym from 8:30 to 11. There's no point in coming home and unloading everyone just to turn around and go back which leads me to my next problem. Well, two problems. By the time we get home on those days it's lunch time, then nap time and even if I don't take a nap (which is hard not to do since Elizabeth wants me to lay down with her) I still lack the motivation and time to keep up with my house work. I'm glad I don't work right now. After I finish dinner I have to clean the dining room and the kitchen and wash dishes then it's bath time and bed time and I have to sit with Elizabeth till she goes to sleep. Evenings are very busy and that's a time when I just want to sit and relax with my husband and the kids. No rest for me though. If you have a solution to my problem just let me know.

As I sit here without having had a shower and with a major pile of dishes in the sink I wonder how in the world we'll manage keeping the house straight if I go back to work!

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