Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another year

You guessed it...another year has passes. My sweet Sarah Grace is now 4 and my Coley Bear is 3! It's hard to believe they are this big already. It seems like yesterday (well, it would be 2 different yesterdays) that they were born. They are so big! Sarah is going to Head Start. She loves her teacher and her friends, but HATES naps. She hates them with a passion. She is very smart. Her teachers told me that she was the star student one day because she was the only one in the class that could spell their spelling words (red and blue). She can also recognize and spell her first name. She can write the number one and draw circles. She's 4 going on 14. She can be quite sassy, but is usually very sweet. Coley Bear is still home with me. We are waiting to see if Head Start has a place for him now that he's 3. We're hoping we can get him in soon. He LOVES to go to football practice with his Daddy. The "football babies" are his heroes! He loves football games too. He calls them "putball" games. He loves to ride his tricycle and shoot basketball. He is talking so much more and it is getting to be so much easier to understand him. I always worry about sending my kids to school before you can really understand them, but they always get better just before they turn 3. Elizabeth is doing well too in case you were wondering. She was the student of the week for first grade last week and got to have ice cream with her principal. She was so excited that she talked about it for days. She reads all the time. She is so smart! Regular season for football is over, so now we're doing play offs for state stuff. I am half way done with my last Master's class. I have 4 weeks left, and I should student teach in January. We might actually have 2 incomes next fall. That will be a first since we've had kids!

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