Friday, December 17, 2010


My kids (although very wild at times) have been such a blessing to me lately. Elizabeth has been wanting to learn how to fold clothes lately, so the other day she helped me fold the basketball laundry. She folded the girls' uniforms and all the basketball towels. The she asked if she could fold our towel. I let her fold as much as she wanted and I didn't fix it when it wasn't perfect because I was so touched that she wanted to help.
Sarah Grace has been singing up a storm lately and she has such a precious little voice. I'm not sure what songs she's been singing. I think she's making them up, but they are so incredibly sweet.
I'm not sure what was going on with Cole the other day, but he climbed up in my lap and let me hold him for a long time while we watched Shrek. It was really sweet. He's usually entirely too busy to sit with me for more than a second, so it was such a sweet time.
Today is Elizabeth's last day of school before Christmas break. She has a program at 11:30 and then we get to bring her home.
Jonathan has a boys' basketball tournament this weekend, so I see lots of basketball in our future this weekend. Just hoping to squeeze in a bit of family time too.
The kids are so excited about Christmas. We went to and had Santa send them video messages to my email and the absolutely loved it. If you have young children it's really neat. He'll call them by name and talk about a special toy they might be getting. You just have to do the leg work when they aren't around. It's going to be a busy time with lots of traveling, but if we get to see everyone it will be well worth it.

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