Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mom of the Year

Yesterday was a good day. Sarah started Head Start last week and yesterday the bus came to pick her up and she was SO excited. Today....not so much. Every day since school started she's done the same thing her sister's done. ("My head hurts. My tummy hurts. I don't want to go to school.") They don't like to wake up early and go somewhere. They don't mind waking up before 6 on Saturday or Sunday though. I know....it doesn't make sense to me either. Anyway, Sarah cried this morning and said she did NOT want to go to school. I thought she needed to go. I don't want to let her think that every time she cries, I'll let her stay home. I carried my little crying child to the bus and kissed her this and told her bye. Fast forward to around 11:30. I get a call from one of her teachers. She has a temperature of 101. Yep, that's me. The mother of the year.

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